History of Russia (PARTS 1-5) - Rurik to Revolution  from Epic History TV

History of Russia (PARTS 1-5) - Rurik to Revolution from Epic History TV

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 From Prince Rurik to the Russian Revolution, this is a compilation of the first 5 episodes of Epic History TV's History of Russia. Help me make more videos at Patreon: general histories of Russia (follow affiliate links to buy on Amazon & support the channel):Martin Sixsmith, Russia: A 1000 Year Chronicle of the Wild East Figes, Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia Service, The Penguin History of Modern Russia: From Tsarism to the Twenty-first Century de'Ath www.lemonadedrinkers.comFilmstro BlocksPremium BeatKevin MacLeod'The Pyre'; 'Intrepid'; 'String Impromptu Number 1'; 'Brandenburg No.4'; 'All This'; 'Satiate Percussion'; 'The Descent'; Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution CC BY-SA 3.0A note on 'Ivan the Terrible' - in Russia, Ivan IV has the epithet 'Гро́зный' meaning 'Great' or 'Formidable'. So why is he known as Ivan 'the Terrible' in English? Because he was evil or useless or because of anti-Russian bias? No, because 'Terrible' in English also means awesome or formidable - this was well understood when 'Гро́зный' was first translated into English centuries ago, but now fewer people understand this. (see definitions 3 & 4 here: The name stuck, and Ivan IV has been known as Ivan the Terrible ever since.Images:Universitat Autonoma de BarcelonaState Tretyakov GalleryRussian State Historical MuseumNational Art Museum of UkraineHerodotus: Marie-Lan Nguyen, CC BY 2.5St.Volodymr: Dar Veter, CC BY-SA 3.0Polish-Lithuanian Flag: Olek Remesz, CC BY 2.5Kremlin.ruNew York Public LibraryAnne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University LibraryStenka Razin with kind permission of Sergei KirrilovWinter Palace: Alex Florstein Fedorov CC BY-SA 4.0Imperial Academy of Fine Arts: Alex Florstein Fedorov CC BY-SA 4.0Ipatievsky Monastery: Michael Clarke CC BY-SA 4.0Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Frank Kovalchek CC BY 2.0Gallows: Adam Clarke CC BY-SA 2.0Church of the Saviour exterior: NoPlayerUfa CC BY-SA 3.0Church of the Saviour interior: Mannat Kaur CC BY-SA 3.0Audio Mix and SFX:Chris WhitesideRene Bridgman Comments:
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