10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That  May Prove Time Travel Exists  from Lutch Green

10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That May Prove Time Travel Exists from Lutch Green

Year: 2018
Authors: Lutch Green
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 What we talk about when we talk about time travel: going back to kill Hitler, Back To The Future, treading on butterflies causing irreparable damage to history, Doctor Who, whether or not it's ethical to use it to cheat on the lottery or sports gambling or whatever, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. What we don't talk about when we talk about time travel: whether it actually exists. Or will exist. Or has existed. The idea of being able to travel backwards or forwards through history has appeared in countless forms through pop culture, conversation and daydreams for ages, but how come we don't discuss whether it'll actually ever be real?Is the the idea of time travel so beyond the realms of possibility that we don't even consider that it could be real? Well, we're here with good news! Not from the future, sadly, just in the grimly predictable present. A grimly predictable present that includes quantum physics, Higgs Bosons and other science-y things we don't quite understand but apparently have something to do with a conceivable way for us to travel through time. No less a genius than Stephen Hawking spent years looking for a reason that time travel couldn't exist, only to find the concept didn't contravene any laws of physics, eventually admitting "time travel may be possible, but it is not practical".Plus there's that history of time travel in our culture has frequently strayed into the non-fiction - so long as you're inclined to believe the possible crackpots that are discussing it - all of which adds up to some pretty compelling pieces of evidence that prove time travel is real. Source:*********************************************************************List:10. The Chinese-Swiss Watch - One Of The Most Mysterious Unexplained Artifacts Ever Discovered09. The Time Travelling Mummy - One Of The Most Mysterious Mummies From Around The World08. The Philadelphia Experiment - The creepiest unexplained mystery ever07. Flight Into The Future - The time travelling Plane06. The Montauk Project - Time Travel Experiments05. The Large Hadron Collider - This is definitely the Best and The Greatest Invention Ever Made04. Rudolph Fentz - The Time-Traveling Man03. Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveler - Real Time Traveler Caught On Camera02. Andrew D. Basiago - The Time Travel and Teleportation Experiments of Project Pegasus 01. The Mysterious Man in the Book - This photo is maybe Real Proof of Time Travel ***********************************************************************Music:- Intro: ♫ "Bent and Broken" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ♫ Some Kind of Magic 3 by Niklas Gustavsson- ♫ The Big Thrill 4 by Niklas Gustavsson- ♫ Underwater Stories 2 by Niklas Gustavsson- ♫ The Cold Research 1 by Niklas Gustavsson- ♫ The Cold Research 2 by Niklas Gustavsson- ♫ My Kind of Illusion 3 by Niklas Gustavsson**********************************************************************10 Most Shocking And Horrifying Moments Caught On Camera Most Extreme Body Modifications Disturbing Things You Should Never Google Most Shocking Animal Attacks Caught on Tape Disturbing, Creepy Photos From The Past That Will Haunt Your Dreams Dumbest Ways People Have Died While Having Sex Comments:
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